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Meet the Pike


The pike block is the role for you if you like to get stuck into the middle of the action!

While the musketeer and the artillery crew prefer to conduct their work from afar, the pike soldiers prefer a more hands-on approach. Their weapon of choice is the pike - an 18 foot wooden pole, topped with a metal spike. On their own, a single pike soldier is an easy opponent, but when they form a block they can provide a serious threat against advancing cavalry. Their job is to work as a unit to protect the more vulnerable soldiers on the field from attacks from the enemy.


The pike block are also the heavy troops to disrupt the enemy lines; working together, the pike block pack together to push into the enemy pike block and force them apart. Even though our displays are designed to show the audience the spectacle of battle, each pike block on the field is very competitive. It becomes a point of pride to succeed in pushing apart the enemy and many of our pike members compare a pike push to being in a rugby scrum.

The role of the pikeman is a strenuous and physically demanding role but is also a lot of fun. It is also one of the easiest roles to take up on your first event as we can provide all equipment and teach you the basic manoeveres in less than 20 minutes. 

If you are interested in joining one of the best pike divisions in the service of the King and Sir Thomas Tyldesley, please feel free contact us or see us at one of our events. We’ll see you on the field!

‘It is like a very silly and friendly sports game; almost like being part of a rugby scrum but wearing wool, armour and carrying a pike at the same time’. Dave, Pike soldier

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