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Meet the Camp Followers


There are other important roles required on the field that don't necessarily require you to go toe to toe with the enemy or handle various amounts of gunpowder.

The camp followers take responsibility for carrying a supply of water onto the field and some are also the official regiment first aiders. They stay close to the infantry throughout the battle making sure that everybody remains well hydrated throughout and being on hand to help if there are any accidents; whilst bumps, bruises and tiny burns are most common but it is always reassuring to know that the camp followers are close by to help if there was ever a more serious issue. 

There is also another way of making loud noises without having to get your hands dirty with gunpowder. Drummers are integral for communication on a noisy battlefield and for keeping the pikemen in step on the march!

Becoming a camp follower is a fantastic branch to join to get close to the action and still feel part of the battle without actually having to ‘fight’. If you’re not sure what role you want to have, being a camp follower is a great way to find out what each of the different types of soldiers do before making your choice. Alternatively, you might love it so much, that you chose to stay!

Why become a camp follower?

'My favourite thing about being a camp follower is how close you get to be to the action without having to be right in the middle of it. You get to know people, both within Tyldesley’s regiment and from other regiments within the society, really well because you are there to help everyone out.'

Alex, Pike block water carrier and first aider

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