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Meet the Musketeers


Nothing like the smell of gunpowder in the morning!

During the civil war, the musket very quickly became one of the most important parts of an infantry. They could shoot the enemy from up to 300 paces away and move quickly around the field to get into the best tactical position. Our musketeers use real muskets that are muzzle loaded with gunpowder and wadding and fire as a unit which can create a great deal of smoke and noise. You are always busy as a musketeer on the field, either loading and firing or getting into close ‘hand-to-hand’ combat with the enemy in which you turn the musket around and use it as a club.

The musket block work as a unit to race to the best position on the field and fire large ‘salves’ to intimidate the enemy and stop them from coming too close. Although you will require a black powder license in order to fire in our displays, anybody is welcome to have a go with a dummy musket to experience being in the middle of the smoke and noise.

Why join the musket block?

'The musket block is great. Side by side with friends, marching in rank and file through billowing clouds of the enemy's own musket and artillery fire. Nothing is more satisfying than the mechanical clunk and smokey crack of firing a musket.'

Ethan, Musketeer

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